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Supporting the Mission Ocean Lighthouse in the Baltic and North Sea basins

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BlueMissionBanos will inspire, engage and support all relevant stakeholders across the BANOS area to take the necessary actions to make the Blue Economy carbon-neutral and circular by 2030.

We will establish an EU-wide Alliance among the four Lighthouse CSAs together with Prep4Blue to meet at regular intervals (online) both on a Project-as well as WP-level. Concretely this means that we envisage working groups for:

  • Governance
  • Public engagement
  • Business & innovation
  • Monitoring
  • Technical services


  1. Optimize deployment of resources by aligning BMB activities with objectives and actions taken at EC level, other sea-basins as well as horizontal, cross-cutting enabling initiatives.
  2. Build on existing structures, create an inclusive, transparent, effective and long-lasting governance structure for the implementation of the Mission in the BANOS area, incorporating the necessary actors at EU, national and regional levels.
  3. Contribute to an increased awareness of citizens of all ages in the BANOS area by strengthening collaboration with and among existing and emerging citizen engagement networks, approaches and activities with the Mission.
  4. Stimulate the uptake and deployment of sustainable, low-carbon and circular blue economy solutions throughout the BANOS area by facilitating the creation of public-private partnerships based on existing and emerging knowledge, matched with regional needs and smart specialisation strategies
  5. Develop a consistent monitoring framework to contribute to the assessment of implementation and achievement of the Mission objectives in the BANOS lighthouse area

Key Factors

Project duration

2022 - 2025


€ 3 000 000
BlueMissionBanos is funded by EU's HorizonEurope


11 partners in total
Consortium lead: Submariner (Germany)

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