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SNAPSHOT -Understanding transport properties of e-commerce

SNAPSHOT -Understanding transport properties of e-commerce

The main objective of the project is to improve the decision-making of authorities through increased knowledge about the mobility of e-commerce shipments.

The past few years we have witnessed a continuous growth in e-commerce and a parallel growth in research on its possible impacts on mobility systems. Not only has e-commerce a potential to transform patterns of personal mobility, but it also challenges operations and practices of freight transport and city planners, who must take continuously evolving mobility patterns into consideration when designing urban services and spaces. 

In cooperation with transport companies, SNAPSHOT will collect, merge and analyse freight and consumer data. Active user engagement is essential for defining strategies that enable authorities to incorporate holistic knowledge about e-commerce into the planning, regulation and operation of mobility systems.  

Considering the current focus on the climate effects of transport, it is important to facilitate both transport of goods and persons in the most efficient and climate-friendly way possible. This is especially true in cities, where increased transport volumes may have major effects. Therefore, SNAPSHOT will also provide guidelines for how cities can include our project results in transport planning and regulation. This is done in close cooperation with city municipalities and authorities that are partners in the project.


  • SINTEF and Molde University college (research partners) 
  • The Norwegian Public Roads Administration and the cities of Oslo and Bodø (user partners).  


The project  ends with an international research conference on e-commerce and transport. 

Published 19 February 2021
Senior Research Scientist
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Project duration

01/08/2020 - 31/12/2022