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E-commerce Conference 2022

Integrating e-commerce in urban mobility planning


Britannia Hotel, Trondheim
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We are pleased to invite you to the E-commerce Conference 2022 in Trondheim, a city located in the middle of Norway with daylight almost 24 hours during the summertime.

The conference theme "Integrating e-commerce in urban mobility planning" address a need for knowledge on the topic of planning instruments and data needed for integrating e-commerce in urban mobility planning.

Venue: Britannia Hotel


Thursday June 16th  10.00 – 16.30

  • 10.00-10.20: Welcome and introduction (Erlend Aakre and Astrid Bjørgen, SINTEF)
  • 10.20-11.00: Keynote speaker:  Data sharing, intelligent planning tools and collaboration - keys to sustainable transformation of the e-commerce sector (Josephine Darlington, ASTER – Alliance for Sustainable E-commerce)
  • 11.00-11.30: SNAPSHOT results
    • Integration of urban freight transport in city planning: Lesson learned (Astrid Bjørgen, SINTEF)
    • Public procurement - A planning tool for sustainable urban freight (Lisa Hansson, Molde University College) 
  • 11.45-13.00: Session 1: Policy and planning (Moderator: Anna Björkman, CLOSER)
    • CITYFREIGH: Estimating the effects of freight regulations in small cities (Stein W. Wallace, Cosku Can Orhan, Julio Goez and Mario Guajardo)
    • Municipal collaboration for e-commerce logistics solutions, Framework conditions and planning instruments (Ingeborg Briseid Kraft, Toril Presttun and Hege Herheim)
    • Planning for urban logistics, the case of Belgium (Joris Beckers)
    • Impacts of e-commerce on personal travel and implications for physical planning (Hampus Karlsson and Kristin Ystmark Bjerkan, SINTEF)
    • Bridging understandings of sustainable freight transport (Rafael Rosales)
  • 13.00-14.14: Lunch
  • 14.15-16.15: Session 2: System design (Moderator: Edoardo Marcucci, Molde University College)                                                                                                                   
    • Crunch? New spatial patterns for e-commerce warehousing and implications for equity (Travis Fried and Anne Goodchild
      Presenter: Griffin K. Donnely)
    • Home delivery of meals and utilization of loading bays (Toril Presttun)

    • Comparison of Off-street and Curbside Commercial Parking Capacity in Seattle’s Central Business District (Griffin Kearns Donnelly and Anne Goodchild )

    • The entry of parcel lockers in Norway: The importance of localization, agent neutrality and municipal involvement (Sidsel Ahlmann Jensen, Marianne Knapskog and Elise Caspersen)

    • The role of micro-hubs in e-commerce: A case study analysis (Konstantina Katsela)

    • Can urban shopping centers be a solution to cities’ e-commerce mobility challenges? (Heleen Buldeo Rai and Paul Marcher)

  • 18.30: City walk
  • 19.00: Conference Dinner at Prins Olav Grill, Radisson Blue Royal Garden Hotel, Kjøpmannsgata 73, 7010 Trondheim

Friday June 17th 08.30 – 14.00

  • 8.30-9.40 Data Logistics Lab (Moderator: Astrid Bjørgen, SINTEF)
    • New ways to collect e-commerce mobility data for city planning (Laetitia Dablanc, Université Gustave Eiffel, Paris)

    • Data based tool to enable an understanding for transport demands in new areas (Anna Björkman, CLOSER Lindholmen, Stockholm)

    • Rome Logistics Living Lab (Edoardo Marcucci, Molde University College/ Roma Tre University )

  • 9.45-11-.00: Session 3: Data models and data sharing (Moderator: Odd Andre Hjelkrem, SINTEF) 
    • Carrier-provided data for improved sustainable urban transport planning

      E-commerce trip estimation: a review of current methodologies (Johanne Lægran, Kelly Pitera and Trude Tørset)

    • E-commerce trip estimation: a review of current methodologies (Panagiota Goulianou and Anne Goodchild)
    • Data fusion methodologies in the urban freight transport context (Carla de Oliveira Leite Nascimento)

    • Fusing data on e-commerce to increase applicability og freight data: a case study from Norway (Odd André Hjelkrem, Kristin Ystmark Bjerkan, Astrid Bjørgen and Petter Arnesen, SINTEF)

    • Freight Trip Generation Analyses Based on Online Sales in Medellin, Colombia ( Carlos A. Gonzalez-Calderon, John Jairo Posada-Henao, Paula Andrea Penagos-Rodriguez, Marlly Jinneth Hernandez-Linares and Diana Patricia Moreno-Palacio)                                                                                                           

  • 11.15-12.45 Session 4: Stakeholders and supply chains (Moderator: Lisa Hansson, Molde University College)
    • Transitioning e-commerce: perceived expectations and potentials in urban freight (Kristin Ystmark Bjerkan, Nina Møllerstuen Bjørge and Sahar Babri)

    • Examining the cooperation among service providers in the parcel delivery market - A Systematic Literature Review (Csilla Bartucz, László Buics, Adrián Horváth and Edit Süle)

    • Online shopping and close-to-home deliveries: consumer behavior and preferences (Solveig Meland and Kristin Ystmark Bjerkan, SINTEF)

    • The role of e-commerce in supporting short food supply chains (Ivan Sanchez-Diaz, Oskar Andersson and Sebastian Andersson)

    • Comparison of consumers behavior towards e-grocery adoption in Norway: Before and during the pandemic (Soukaina Aziz, Valerio Gatta, Carla De Oliveira Leite Nascimento, Edoardo Marcucci, Rachid Benmoussa and El hassan Irhirane)

    • Sustainability assessment of inter-urban crowd shipping- A case study approach (Avi Anand Jain and Usman Akbar)

  • 12.45-13.00: Closing sessions (Kristin Ystmark Bjerkan, SINTEF)

The conference is linked to a special issue in Research in Transport Economics (Elsevier). We are pleased to invite conference delegates to submit papers to the special issue in RETREC.  You will find more information and link to submission of papers to the special issue here.

For presentations of accepted abstracts please send a copy (PDF-file) to the Conference e-mail: before13th of June.

Please note that an accepted paper in the special issue does not automatically qualify for the conference, and vice versa.

Keywords for the E-commerce Conference:

  • home delivery, last mile service
  • travel behaviour, behaviour change and changed mobility patterns
  • policy, public planning processes
  • regulation and planning instruments
  • data collection and analysis
  • models and simulations

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Dronningens gate 5, 7011 Trondheim