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FHF Clipfish

In this project, the objective has been to develop a handheld instrument for measuring water content in dried salted cod (clipfish). It has been documented that point measurements using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) are well-suited for this purpose.

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Photo: SINTEF, from left: Jens Petter Wold, Senior Research Scientist, Nofima, Jon Tschudi, Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF and Petter Vejle Andersen, Research Scientist, Nofima.

Measurement with great accuracy

It is crucial to measure deep into the fish and at multiple points to obtain a good estimate of the average water content. An accuracy of approximately ±1.1 % points is achievable with NIRS when Cross-section (Codex) is used as the reference method. This is significantly better than what can typically be estimated through traditional manual grading of the fish. 

Measurement of water content in clipfish

A prototype of a handheld NIRS instrument has been developed that is suitable for measuring water content in clipfish. The instrument has been demonstrated to the industry but is not yet a commercial product. The instrument can be used to measure the average water content in the fish (Codex) and the water content at individual measurement points. In the long run, users must determine how such an instrument can be used in the most practical way in daily operations. 

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Key Factors

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2021 - 2023


FHF – Norwegian Seafood Research Fund

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Jens Petter Wold, Nofima AS

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