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HPC Simulation Software for the Gigatonne Storage Challenge

General purpose reservoir simulators created for oil and gas can be used for simulating CO2 storage scenarios. However, this can be cumbersome and requires significant expertise to perform correctly. The project improves on this by developing fit-for-purpose tools for large-scale CO2 storage simulation within OPM Flow.

Contact person

Ill.: Preliminary simulation study on the SPE11 benchmark case for CO2 storage, Olav Møyner, SINTEF

This project builds on the capabilities already existing in OPM Flow and aims to make this simulator a fully high-performance computing (HPC)-capable CO2 storage simulator. Through workshops and webinars, the project includes input and feedback from key stakeholders in industry, research, and the public sector. SINTEF contributes to many of the project goals, including performance improvements, better parallel scalability, and new features such as compositional capabilities.

The project is financed by Gassnova through the CLIMIT-Demo program, as well as with financial and in-kind contributions from Equinor. All software development in the project is done using an open development model, and all improvements are contributed to the open-source OPM Flow codebase.

Key Factors

Project duration

2020 - 2024


Gassnova, Equinor

Cooperation partners

NORCE, TNO, Equinor

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