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Open Porous Media (OPM)

The Open Porous Media (OPM) initiative provides open-source software for simulation, upscaling and visualization of porous media processes, in particular subsurface reservoirs.

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OPM - Open Porous Media

The OPM software has been developed in collaboration with Equinor, NORCE, OPM-OP, Ceetron Solutions, TNO, and various other partners aiming to provide a software platform that is both industrially useful as well as a good basis for advanced research. The  programs provided include OPM Flow, a reservoir simulator using the fully implicit black-oil formulation, several programs for upscaling of petrophysical and fluid properties, and ResInsight, a reservoir visualization tool.

OPM Flow has been developed for commercial use, has been validated and shown to offer competitive computational performance on a variety of real-field cases, and is today used operationally on several assets. Starting in 2021, a consortium consisting of SINTEF, Norce, and OPM-OP offers commercial support and maintenance to any interested client.

For more information see the OPM web site and our GitHub repository

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