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Madshus is the oldest, still operating, producer of cross-country skis. The factory delivers advanced racing and entry level skis with regards to material quality, design, weight and defined ski properties.

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With years of qualified feedback from elite skiers, the skis have been designed to deliver the highest level of grip, downhill stability, maneuvering, and response in sprint. The athletes are different and have different preferences, and after years of product and process development, combined with extensive testing, one has come a long way in giving the runners customized skis for different conditions and track profiles.

In the Ski Alive-project, we want to bring ski production to the next level. We will digitize and monitor the production process so that potential variations can be controlled and managed. This can contribute greatly to better repeatability, more precise production, less deviations and wreckage, and to generally increase the level of knowledge about modern production of skis in particular and products in general.

Madshus is extending a digital platform where ski design can be continuously developed based on a dynamic analysis of the information gathered from raw materials, production process, field testing and feedback from the athletes. The feedback will result in even better product by digitizing, analyzing, and linking the information to related parameters in the design and production process.

The main goal is to identify and control production mechanisms that affect the performance of skis, so that Madshus achieves higher precision and quality, and thus can offer "gold-winning skis" to everyone.

The result of the project will be a digital platform:

  • Hardware and software needed to realize a new, instrumented ski casting system
  • Holistic ski database that collects and connects data (product, process and field test)
  • Tools: algorithms, software and methods that support analysis, modeling, development and improvement of ski design and production process

This project has received funding from the Norwegian Research Council.

Key Factors

Project duration

2019 - 2022