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CO2LOS II - CO2 ship transport - new solutions

CO2LOS II has developed a toolbox for CO2 transportation, with applicable solutions to reduce the cost of CO2 transportation by utilizing new technology and investigate optimization possibilities in the logistic chain.

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Copyright: Brevik Engineering

CO2LOS II work packages

  • WP1 CO2 Conditions and Design Basis​
  • WP2 Ship Technology ​
  • WP3 Logistics, Terminal and Port Technology ​
  • WP4 Offshore unloading ​
  • WP5 Logistics GHG impact​
  • WP6 Low pressure design​
  • WP7 CO2 capture onboard
  • WP8 Ship Tanks beyond prescriptive Class Rules
  • WP9 Multipurpose use of ships
  • WP10 Offshore unloading
  • WP11 Floating liquefaction facility
  • WP12 Carbon Limits database
  • WP13 Benchmarking Northern Lights


Project owner for the CO2LOS phase II is Brevik Engineering AS.


The project is funded by the Norwegian CLIMIT–Demo programme via Gassnova and the partners.

Key Factors

Project duration

2019 - 2020

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