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H2020 Smartfish – TrawlMonitor

By developing a smart 3D camera mounted on the trawl opening, we will be able to report quantity, size and species of fish entering the trawl. This can be used to optimize the catch to make trawl fishing more sustainable.

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Illustration of the smart 3D camera mounted on the trawl opening

The H2020 Smartfish project developed smart fisheries technology for an efficient, compliant, and environmentally friendly fishing sector.

Sintef Digital developed a Trawl Monitor system for real-time monitoring of catch entering the trawl. An underwater 3D-based camera system, developed in the EU H2020 project UTOFIA, was adapted to be capable of providing real-time 3D images of fish entering the trawl. A live 3D video stream could be viewed in the steering house of the fishing boat.

Algorithms for automatic length estimation of free-swimming fish was also developed. The algorithms were validated on images acquired in aquaculture pens with salmon where ground truth length estimates was easily accessible. We found that the system could provide population-based length estimates within 1% accuracy of the ground truth lengths of the fish.

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Project duration

2018 - 2022



Cooperation Partners

Sintef Ocean, AZTI, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Marine Scotland, Melbu Systems, University of Cukurova, Mersin Universitesi, NTNU, University of East Anglia, Marport, Zunibal, Safetynet Technologies, Nergård Havfiske

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