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The main theme of the SiteCast project is "increased competitiveness for in-situ casting of concrete constructions".

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The main theme of the SiteCast project is increased competitiveness for in-situ casting of concrete constructions. Photo: Veidekke
Reinforcement for the concrete slab for the new Munch Museum in Oslo. Photo: Veidekke

In-situ casting of concrete constructions has a range of advantages compared to the use of precast concrete elements in the construction of buildings. Better exploitation of plots, freedom in architecture, reduced building height per story and reduced volume of road transportation are examples of these advantages. Still, in-situ casting loses market share to precast due mainly to construction time. In order to render in-situ casting competitive with regards to time and cost, SiteCast will develop new solutions for materials and for the planning and execution of the construction process. The project goal is to reduce construction time with 30 % and cost with 15 % compared to today's level (2017).

In-situ casting of concrete constructions

SiteCast addresses the challenges within coordination, cooperation, materials, engineering and planning to achieve the goals. The project will also strive to identify ways to create added-value from the construction process based on thinking from industry 4.0 and the embedding of sensor-technology.


The innovation rate in the building and construction sector is low. One reason for this is the fragmented value-chains involved in construction and building projects: each actor optimizes their own segment of the value chain, rather than the overall process. SiteCast collects actors from the full value chain, from steel-reinforcement (Celsa), concrete (Unicon), formwork (Peri), engineering (Åf) together with the main contractor. Research partners are SINTEF Community and SINTEF Manufacturing.

Innovation and improvements will be developed and tested throughout the project. Effects are simulated, tested and documented in real-world settings in four demonstration projects and will result in a new efficient construction process for in-situ casting.

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Project duration

2018 - 2018