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Optimal switching picture

In the electricity grid, there are many different paths the electricity can take depending on the positions of breakers. The network operators have through experience and expertise built up knowledge on an optimal combination of positions of breakers in the network, and hence power flows; here called the standard topology. However, if a failure or outage occurs, this topology should be changed to ensure that as many customers as possible still have access to electricity. This means optimal switching to ensure that as few costumers as possible experience an outage. In this process flexible loads can be disconnected.

This is not done automatically today. In ENERGYTICS, optimization techniques will be employed to solve this problem, by calculating the optimal topology at any time in an automatic manner. In addition, other data than the topology and positions of switches in the network can be used; there is a possibility that the work in the demonstrator on prediction of probability of failures (see demonstrator described above) can be utilised in this demonstrator and merged into the optimisation prototype. The aim of this would be to use the lines/cables with the lowest probability of failure.