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Detection of prosumers

A prosumer is an electricity customer which produces electricity itself and sells the electricity to the grid. The main technology for electricity production at customer level is roof-mounted solar panels. The number of prosumers in Norway has increased the last years[1], and in addition, NVE has done work on simplifying the process of becoming a prosumer[2]. Prosumers must register if they are delivering electricity to the network, but network operators do not have a complete register of the amount of electricity being fed into the grid by every prosumer at any time. The AMS-meter opens for many opportunities in this field; especially in being able to know the amount of energy being fed into the electricity network at all times. Also, prosumers who are not registered can be detected. Detection of prosumers allows the network operators to improve the planning of network operation and prediction of demand. Correlating the resulting prototype to weather forecasts can result in better forecasting of electricity production by prosumers.