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Presentations from the HYPER closing seminar

Video from our closing seminar in 2019.

Day 1

09:00 Welcome and setting the scene 
Sigmund Størset, Research Manager, SINTEF Energy Research

09:10 Hyper idea and concept 
Petter Nekså, Chief Scientist, SINTEF Energy Research

09:30 EU-perspective on the role of hydrogen 
Tudor Constantinescu, Principal Advisor to The DG for Energy

09:50 Hydrogen in a global perspective 
Claude Heller, Director R&D Programs, Air Liquide

10:40 The future of hydrogen by IEA 
Simon Bennett, Energy Supply and Investment Outlooks, IEA  

11:00 Norwegian National Hydrogen Strategy 
William Christensen, Deputy Director General, Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

11:20 Hydrogen Europe perspective 
Nicolas Brahy, Director, Hydrogen Europe

11:40 Value chain analysis of liquefied hydrogen, ammonia and pipeline for long distance hydrogen transport 
Yuki Ishimoto, Senior Researcher, Inst. of Applied Energy

Comparative techno-economic assessment of low-CO2 hydrogen production technologies
Stefania Gardarsdottir, Research Scientist, SINTEF Energy Research

13:10 The role of hydrogen to balance increased variable renewables 
Philipp Härtel, Researcher, Energy Economics and System Analysis, Fraunhofer IEE

13:30 Integration of renewables in large scale hydrogen production 
Magnus Korpås, Professor, NTNU

13:50 Equinor - The role of hydrogen in decarbonisation 
Hege Rognø, Manger R&T Energy Systems, Equinor

14:30 Linde - Latest Global Trend in Liquid Hydrogen Production 
Lutz Decker, Linde Technologist, Linde Kryotechnik

14:50 Nel Hydrogen – Scaling up electrolyser manufacturing by 10x – causes and effects 
Bjørn Simonsen, VP Investor Relations and Corporate, NEL Hydrogen 

15:10 Kawasaki HI - Status of the Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain Project 
Yoshichika Taira, Hydrogen Project Development Center, Corporate Technology Division, Kawasaki Heavy Industries

15:30 Gassco - Sustainable development program - hydrogen 
Svein Erik Losnegård, Principal Engineer, Gassco

Day 2 Hydrogen Technology

09:00 Wrap-up Day 1 
Sigmund Størset, Research Manager, SINTEF Energy Research

09:15 Concepts for efficient hydrogen production and liquefaction 
Øivind Wilhelmsen, Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF Energy Research

09:40 Importance of the heat exchangers in hydrogen liquefaction 
Geir Skaugen, Research Scientist, SINTEF Energy Research

10:05 Hydrogen Expanders and Pumps
Simon Hautdidier, Head of Sales, Marketing and Project Execution, Cryostar

10:25 Economies of hydrogen production by electrolysis from wind and grid power
Espen Flo Bødal, PhD Candidate, NTNU

11:05 Liquid hydrogen storage tank technology 
Lutz Decker, Linde Technologist, Linde Kryotechnik

11:25 Salt cavern storage of hydrogen 
Dilara G. Caglayan, PhD candidate, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH

11:45 Hydrogen production from natural gas with very low CO2 intensity 
Julian Straus, Research Scientist, SINTEF Energy Research

12:05 Hydrogen safety, liquid and gaseous, issues and knowledge gaps 
Simon Jallais, R&D Engineer, Air Liquide