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Reliability and Ruggedness of High Power, High Voltage Power Electronics

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Primary Objective

The primary objective is to improve the cost-efficiency of high power converter systems through increased reliability, better understanding of failure mechanisms and tools for lifetime estimation.

Secondary objectives

  • Evaluate and compare thermal stress and efficiency of different state-of –the-art converter topologies.
  • Development of accelerated lifetime test methods for high power, high voltage power electronics relevant for real applications. Contribution towards standardization of such tests.
  • Contribute towards development of robust power electronic components with focus on obtaining stable and predictable behaviour during and after fault conditions and consequently reducing downtime of HV converters.
  • Develop a lifetime model for state-of-the-art IGBT devices based on experience from existing models.
  • Development of methodology for online estimation of remaining lifetime of a semiconductor device. This methodology should be able to detect abnormal operation conditions and give early warnings of failure.
  • Strengthen the education of applied power electronics at NTNU on topics related to reliability of power semiconductors.

Key Factors

Project duration

2015 - 2019

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