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Grid converter reliability challenges

Controllable grid converters will give new reliability challenges

  • The high voltage (HV) power grid is assumed to have an increasing impact from Power Electronic Converters
  • Voltage Source Converters (VSC) is about to replace current source converters (with thyristors) for continuously increasing voltage and power ratings
    • HVDC , SVC, various FACTS device, solid state breakers
    • Other controllable devices like for stabilizers, damping, active filters and more... 
  • The most vulnerable component are the power semiconductor (IGBT) switching devices
    • Especially during fault situations (ruggedness criticality)
    • New controllable devices may have new and unpredictable operation modes that may give additional wear and tear of components compared to established well-known applications. 
  • Reliability of high power IGBTs is the project main focus in the research project ReliPE
    • Representative high voltage components IGBT modules for multi-MW converter topologies
    • Will cover the most relevant types of HV converter topologies