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WP2 Dissemination and exploitation

CEMCAP results are disseminated through several communication channels: web pages, twitter, blogs, popular science journal articles, presentations and posters at conferences and workshops, and in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Furthermore, WP2 is exploring how communication about CCS can be done in a local community and on a national level. A case study will be conducted on how the CEMCAP partner Norcem has communicated about CCS in connection to their own CCS project.

Towards the end of the project (autumn 2018), CEMCAP together with ECRA will organise a workshop on CCS in the cement industry that will be open to the public. In connection to this workshop, CEMCAP will issue its final report, the "CEMCAP strategic conclusions". This report will provide a techno-economic decision base for retrofitting CO2 capture technology to cement plants, a description of technology gaps to be closed to enable CO2 capture from cement plants, a summary of CEMCAP innovations and a description of the pathways to making CO2 capture from cement production a viable option for cost- and resource-effective CCS.

The project partners involved in WP2 are SINTEF Energy Research, Italcementi, Norcem, VDZ and HeidelbergCement.

CEMCAP as a stepping-stone to accelerated and widened deployment of full-scale CCS (IIllustration: SINTEF Energy Research