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WP3 CEMCAP framework

In CEMCAP the capture technologies oxyfuel combustion, calcium looping (CaL), chilled ammonia process (CAP) and membrane assisted liquefaction were developed for cement production beyond the current state-of-the-art, and a techno-economic comparison of the technologies were performed. The chemical absorption with MEA as absorbent, which is the most mature CO2 capture process, served as reference for the comparative analysis.

The objective of WP3 was to develop a framework document to facilitate the experimental work and the process simulations that are carried out in the individual sub-projects. The framework document was also secure that the techno-economic comparison was done on a consistent basis. It included all technical and economic boundary conditions and the definition of key performance parameters. A reference cement plant was defined, and the methodology for the comparative analysis specified.

WP3 included the elaboration of two documents: a preliminary framework document in the beginning of the project and furthermore an updated framework document in month 21 of the project, which contained results from certain work packages or modified information. Whereas the preliminary framework document was intended purely for internal use, the report with the official CEMCAP framework is available to the public.

The partners involved in WP3 were SINTEF Energy Research, Norcem, Politecnico di Milano, and VDZ.