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Subsea power supply

Power Systems

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The Power Systems project was devoted to the modeling and simulation of complete subsea power supply systems.

This was achieved by the following activities:

  • Providing accurate modeling of system components, including cables and converters
  • Validating models by measurements
  • Conducing system studies to verify safe operation
  • Evaluating new system concepts

Objectives and sub-tasks

Establish a national competence centre on design, analysis, verification and safe operation of electric power supply systems for subsea control, processing and transportation systems for oil and gas exploitation.

  • Describe technical obstacles, requirements and possibilities related to systems for transmission of power and signals. Survey of current concepts for transmission and infield distribution systems
  • Develop competence on methods and tools for design and verification of complete subsea power systems, including ability to avoid undesired phenomena.
  • Provide necessary new simulation models for wideband simulation of (umbilical) cables and transformers, including validation of such models
  • Demonstrate new solutions for powering subsea processing, flow assurance and control systems
  • Provide guidelines for design and qualification of system solutions, and support for upgrading of IEC/ISO specifications
  • Accomplish a Ph.D. degree