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Subsea power supply

Power Insulation Materials

The main objective in the project has been to develop new knowledge with regard to electrical insulating materials (mainly solids) and insulating systems necessary for design and testing of reliable high voltage power equipment for use subsea.

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With this as a goal the focus in the project was:

Establish test facilities for studying insulating materials and systems under realistic subsea conditions

  • High voltage, pressure and temperature subsea laboratory facilities (Subsea Lab.)
  • Design, manufacture and test of a novel HV laboratory penetrator
  • In-house facilities for casting and molding of polymer materials

Study new and modified electrical insulation materials

  • Modification by means of nanoparticles
  • Fundamental studies of syndiotactic polypropylene (2 PhD-students)

Ageing studies/Identification of failure mechanisms

  • Insulating materials and miniature cables was studied in different environments and under different pressure and temperature conditions.
  • Insulating materials resistance towards partial discharges (PD)

Development of Equipment and Methods for Condition Assessment

  • Testing and installation of pressure-adapted PD sensors close to a connector in a pressure vessel
    • Long term testing of connectors monitored by PD measurements