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Subsea power supply

Power Electronics

The aim of this project was to substantiate feasible technologies for enabling pressure tolerant power electronics converters for operation at 300 bar ambient pressure (3000 m sea depth).

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Methods for approaching the project goals were as follows:

  • Innovative work on methods for accommodating power components to pressurized liquid environment.
  • Experimental work with component and power circuits in pressurized environment up to 300 bar.
  • Exploitation of open results from international work on pressure tolerant electronics.
  • Consultancy with international expertise.
  • Component manufacturer
  • Universities
  • Cooperation with related research projects.
    • The Petromaks KMB project "Power Insulation Material" on material problems.
    • The Petromaks KMB project "Power System" on numerical analysis.
    • The Petromaks SUP project "Enabling technology for Subsea production of oil and gas using electricity for power Supply and control" on pressure tolerant components and reliability.
  • Guidance of Project, Master and PhD students at NTNU, and exploitation of their results