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CENBIO - Enabling sustainable and cost-efficient bioenergy in Norway

CenBio addresses the entire value chains of virgin biomass and biodegradable waste fractions, including their production, harvesting and transportation, the conversion to heat and power, and the upgrade of residues to valuable products.

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Bioenergi cycle
Bioenergi cycle

CenBio researchers develop effective, environmentally sound ways of utilizing more biomass and waste for energy purposes. Educating and training the next generation of bioenergy researchers and industry players are essential to attain these ambitious goals.

As a result, consumers and society will be supplied with more renewable and low-carbon energy. By further developing the Norwegian bioenergy industry, a substantial number of new jobs, especially in rural districts, will be created.

CenBio - the Bioenergy Innovation Centre - is one of eleven Norwegian Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (in Norwegian: FME - Forskningssentre for miljøvennlig energi).

The Centre is co-funded by the Research Council of Norway, a number of user partners and participating research institutions.

NMBU - Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitet (Norwegian University of Life Sciences) is the host institution, and SINTEF Energi AS (SINTEF Energy Research) is the coordinatinginstitution.


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2009 - 2017