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NCE Raufoss

We are leader of NCE Raufoss, the national competence centre for lightweight materials and automated production in Norway. The ambition is to be Norway's center for all manufacturing industry. NCE stands for Norwegian Centre of Expertise and is a national initiative to develop the most expansive and internationally oriented industrial clusters in Norway.

NCE Raufoss is also called 'The industry's main sports centre'.

NCE Raufoss is an industrial cluster which has 17 companies and the network TotAl-gruppen as a partner. The cluster counts 5000 employees, 700 million euro in turnover and it has an export ratio of 85%.

The largest markets are the global automotive industry, defense industry and electronics industry. The network's competence base is leading in international niches, and particularly in materials- and manufacturing technology. The participating companies are located in Vest-Oppland, and mainly at Raufoss Industry Park.

Overall goal

The main goal of NCE Raufoss is to strengthen innovation and competitiveness through extensive collaboration between companies and R&D-partners. This will contribute to increased value within the companies and will lead to new start-ups as well.

Cooperation on research and development, infrastructure and cost reduction is essential in order to survive in Norway's international manufacturing industry. NCE Raufoss represents one of the leading and most traditional industrial clusters, one of the most international environments and without doubt, one of the most exciting places to work.

One of the main pillars of NCE Raufoss is innovation through research and development. This has been a key building stone in the history of the regional industry and has an even greater importance in NCE Raufoss.


The NCE-program started in 2006 and NCE Raufoss has been involved since day one. From 2004 to 2006, we were one of three pilot clusters which participated in shaping the program. At the moment, 14 clusters in Norway are awarded with the status of Norwegian Centre of Expertise. The NCE-program aims to make Norway's strongest clusters even stronger.

Key Factors

Project duration

01/07/2006 - 30/06/2016