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From biomass to energy, fuels and chemicals. The products from biorefineries replace or substitute products from traditional oil refineries. The utilization of renewable raw materials (wood, agro and industrial waste and marine biomass) minimizes the emission of greenhouse gases.

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Small scale decentralized plants create sustainable low impact clean production, energy supply and job opportunities.

SINTEF is involved in the development of technologies for sustainable production of:

  • Biomass
  • Energy
  • Second generation biofuels
  • Materials
  • Commodity and fine chemicals
  • Feed and food

Comprehensive interdisciplinary research on carbon neutral substitution
and replacement of fossil fuel based products is performed.
Our research comprises:

  • Biomass characterization
  • Bio-chemical conversion
  • Thermo-chemical conversion and catalytic conversion processes
  • Integration and optimization of material and energy flows
  • Technical and economical Evaluation