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Integration of batteries in the electricity grid

An increase in electrification and distributed energy resources causes increased challenges in the distribution grid.

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These challenges can be lack of transfer capacity or poor power quality. In some cases, battery systems will be more cost-effective than traditional grid reinforcement. A battery system might therefore become a useful tool when grid companies are planning and operating the future distribution grid.

Costs of battery systems have fallen drastically over the last years, and prognoses indicate a that they will continue to fall. If the battery investment costs decrease sufficiently, they can become a useful tool for Norwegian grid companies. Battery systems can contribute in several ways, by for instance reducing slow and rapid voltage deviations, reducing voltage imbalance, peak shaving or as a component in a microgrid. SINTEF works with how battery systems can contribute to a more socio-economic planning and operation of the electricity grid.

We work within these areas:

  • Battery systems as an alternative to traditional grid reinforcement 
  • Battery systems as power support  
  • The combination of battery systems and photovoltaic panels for customers 
  • Battery systems in the distribution grid, microgrid and behind the meter 
  • Battery systems as a flexible resource 
  • Battery systems together with charging infrastructure and shore power

Typical projects for us:

  • Assessment of how battery systems can contribute to improving power quality in the distribution grid 
  • Analyses of measurement data from battery projects 
  • Load flow analyses of grids containing battery systems with different operation strategies  
  • Cost-benefit analyses of integration of battery systems in the distribution grid for both grid companies and customers

The methods we use:

  • Modelling and simulations
  • Laboratory experiments
  • Field measurements

Who are we doing this for?

  • Grid companies 
  • Customers with batteries 
  • Battery system suppliers

Relevant projects

  • CINELDI – Centre for Intelligent Electricity Distribution 
  • ElMar  Electrification of maritime transport and the ports of the future 
  • IntegER – Integration of energy storage in the distribution grid 
  • FuChar – Grid and Charging Infrastructure of the Future 
  • ModFlex – Modelling flexible resources in Smart Distribution Grid

Relevant laboratories