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User Journeys and Customer Journey Modeling Language (CJML)

User journeys - or customer journeys - put humans at the center of a process, whether we have the role of patient, employee, user or employee. CJML helps you keep track of the details of the user journey and how it relates to IT systems.

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At SINTEF we have years of experience on service systems, user journeys and service processes from a theoretical and practical point of view. CJML is a easy-to-use modelling language that offers a terminology, syntax, diagrams and methods. It distinguish between the planned journey (as intended) and the actual journey (what actually happened for an individual user).

Customer Journey Modelling Language. CJML consists currently as PowerPoint files, except for the graphical elements which can be downloaded as a zip-file. The current version is published March 2021. 

Here are some of our publications based on CJML

  1. Halvorsrud, R., Lillegaard, A. L., Røhne, M., & Jensen, A. M. (2019). Managing complex patient journeys in healthcare. Chapter in book: "Service Design and Service Thinking in Healthcare and Hospital Management. Theory, Concepts, Practice"  (pp. 329-346): Springer International Publishing. Link to author version of the book chapter.
  2. Halvorsrud, R., Haugstveit, I. M., & Pultier, A. (2016). Evaluation of a modelling language for customer journeys. Proceedings from IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing (VL/HCC), pp. 40-48. Link to author version of the paper.
  3. Haugstveit, I. M., Halvorsrud, R., & Karahasanovic, A. (2016). Supporting Redesign of C2C Services Through Customer Journey Mapping. Proceedings of the ServDes2016 Conference, pp. 215-227. Link to paper. 
  4. Halvorsrud, R., Kvale, K., & Følstad, A. (2016). Improving service quality through customer journey analysis, Journal of Service Theory and Practice, 26, pp. 840-867. Link to author version of the paper. (Received the "Outstanding paper award" )

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