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Gas and Air Monitoring

We have developed online detection systems for detecting and quantifying gas, dust and particles.

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We can combine different optical methods and optimise online sample preparation (e.g. collection, filtering) depending on the application. We can employ methods for controlling the sensor response by introducing temperature and humidity regulation, e.g. identical sensors at different temperature/humidity or sensor arrays with temperature pulsing. We also tackle the challenges with sensors placed in harsh environments, e.g. scaling, high temperatures, where we work closely with our colleagues in the Demanding Environments group and SINTEF Industry. Together with our colleagues in the Micro Optics group, we have contributed to several spin-off companies that deliver dedicated gas measurement solutions, e.g. Tunable and GasSecure.

Typical applications include smart cities, offshore safety, process monitoring, environmental monitoring. We are the preferred partner for optical gas analysis for the European Space Agency (ESA) and, indirectly, NASA.

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