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Condition and Damage Analysis - Buildings

SINTEF performs building damage assessments of all types of buildings, from small residential buildings to complex industrial and commercial buildings.

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The damage assessments end in a well-documented damage report, which among other things, describes the cause of the damage and suggestions for repair. Condition- and damage analyses also provide a basis for approval criteria for various product categories and instructions in the SINTEF Building Research Series. In damage analyzes, we uncover the extent of the damage and assess the consequences. We do not comment on guilt in our damage assessments.

The cause of the actual damage is most often found by inspecting the site where it occurred. In addition, we assess documentation, drawings, and calculation basis. Finally, we investigate the damaged structures and take samples for further analysis in our laboratories if necessary. As a measure, we recommend proven principle solutions with reference to our Building Research Series as a basis for further design. As a preventive measure against building damage, we also offer project reviews to architects, consultants, and contractors. We do not comment on financial or legal matters.

We work within the following fields:

  • Laboratory measurement of mechanical properties
  • Condition and damage analysis – buildings
  • Technical construction advice - buildings
  • Field surveys and measurements - buildings
  • Moisture damage
  • Noise problems
  • Indoor climate assessments and cleaning
  • Construction structure
  • Floor - floor covering, ground floor, underfloor heating
  • Wall - facade, exterior wall, window, and doors
  • Roof, terrace, and outdoor area - glass roof
  • Bathrooms, wet rooms, and water parks
  • Freezer and cold rooms
  • Laboratory measurements and field measurements
  • Foundation and ground walls
  • Constructions in wood, brick, and concrete
  • Ventilation and sanitary facilities
  • Parking facilities and basements
  • Thermography
  • Listed buildings

Typical projects include:

  • Building damage assessment
  • Technical construction advice
  • Follow-up of work performed on new buildings and rehabilitation

What is a building damage?
75% of all building damages are caused by moisture - such as water leaks, air leaks, construction moisture, and condensation. Other damages can be related to the structure, the structure's location, and the structure's external environment - such as collapse, load-bearing capacity, sound, load effects, climate strain, and settling.

What causes building damage?
Building damages are most often complex. One might think that most injuries occur in special events, such as accidents and extreme weather, but the fact is that most damage is due to errors in design and or execution.

How to avoid building damage?
Building damage costs owners, insurance companies, and society large sums every year. Therefore, it is crucial to prevent building damage and analyze it if it occurs. The safest way to avoid building damage is to plan using known principles and documented materials. Climate adaptation, site adaptation, and detailed engineering are essential to avoid building damage. In addition, it is vital to ensure proper use of the building.

SINTEF also offers expert technical construction advice as a preventive measure against building damage. Read more about expert advice.

The methods we use are:

  • Inspections
  • Document rewiev
  • Calculations/Analyzes/Simulation
  • Field measurements
  • Laboratory testing

Who are our clients?

  • Builders/developers
  • Contractors
  • Housing associations

Why choose SINTEF?
SINTEF has long and broad experience in pre-documented technological solutions for the building industry. We use our laboratories to verify products and solutions and have specialist expertise in all construction engineering subjects.

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SINTEF carries out claims assignments according to time spent and disbursements. Therefore, SINTEF does not have the opportunity to answer questions of a technical nature without financial compensation.