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Dynamic Airspace Configuration to improve airspace utilization​

Joint Open Day of SESAR 2020 PJ09 S44 EXE05 and PJ10 S96 EXE 05


Forskningsveien 1, 0373 Oslo, Norway
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The SESAR JU partners ENAV, IDS AirNav and SINTEF are organising an open day at SINTEF premises in Oslo, Norway, to give an insight in a validation exercise within the SESAR projects Digital Network Management Services (PJ.09-W2 DNMS) and Separation Management and Controller Tools (PJ10-W2 PROSA). ​

At this open day, you will see a demonstration of tools developed by IDS AirNav and SINTEF supporting decision making and interaction between FMPs, Supervisors and ATCOs in the Air Traffic Flow Management and Dynamic Airspace Configuration processes. You will also see how these tools contribute to optimize the airspace capacity, to improve ATCO’s productivity and distribution of the workload. ​

The open day is being organised as a physical event. Attendees will have a chance to visit a live running trial and to attend presentations explaining the concept, tools and validations. The open day is addressed to air navigation service providers, airspace users, including both operators and professional organisations, and technology developers.

Tentative agenda

  • Welcome – Trond Bakken, SINTEF
  • SINTEF in Aviation - Alexandra Bech Gjørv, President and CEO, SINTEF Group
  • ​SESAR 2020 – Oznur Uygur, SESAR JU
  • Digital Network Management Services in SESAR [PJ09/S44] – Kris Delcourte, EUROCONTROL  and Nicolas Suarez Tetzlaff, CRIDA/ENAIRE
  • Separation Management and Controller Tools [PJ10/S96] 
  • Validation exercise and technology – Patrizia Criscuolo, ENAV and Amela Karahasanovic, SINTEF
  • Lunch 
  • Science behind Dynamic Airspace Configuration [ML and mathematical optimisation, novel design solutions for DAC] - Milan De Cauwer and Erik G. Nilsson, SINTEF 
  • Demo – SINTEF, ENAV and Avinor
  • Preliminary validation results – SINTEF
  • Wrap up – Trond Bakken, SINTEF
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Photo: ENAV

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Forskningsveien 1, 0373 Oslo, Norway