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TechFood 2021 - Automation and digital innovation for increased food processing in Norway

What are today's industrial robots capable of? What can they do for the Norwegian food-processing technology now and in the near future? Will they be able to master the complex handling skills of trained operators when working with delicate raw materials, or be able to clean machinery? And how can robotic automation contribute to more sustainable food processing in Norway?


Digital conference
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We invite you to a national conference about digitalization, artificial intelligence and robotic automation in the food-processing industry. The conference will focus on topics such as: 

  • Robotization of cleaning 

  • Data capture - tracking and use of data in production 

  • Which opportunities will arise with todays, and tomorrows, sensors, robots and artificial intelligence?  


We wish to create an arena for sharing ideas and experiences along the innovation axis around food processing. Through cooperation between research institutes and various industries, we hope to accelerate and shorten the digital-innovation cycle. At this conference you will be presented with reflections from experts from related research fields. You will also hear from industry players who will present some of their recently implemented automation and digital solutions. 

In preparation for this year's program, the following companies have participated in the event committee:

  • Sinkaberg Hansen
  • Fatland
  • NCE Aquatech Cluster
  • Fremtidens Industri
  • Norsk Landbrukssamvirke
  • SINTEF Ocean
  • SINTEF Digital
  • SINTEF Manufacturing
Cecilie Salomonsen

Cecilie Salomonsen

Research Scientist


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