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Presentations from FME HighEFF Annual Consortium Meeting 2019

The first day, 8 May, was open to everyone who would like to come. The second day, 9 May, was by invitation only.


Auditorium Kjel 2 (NTNU campus)
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The meeting presented a great opportunity to meet other HighEFF partners and participants, and discuss research highlights and strategic perspectives.

See the SINTEF Research area on Energy efficiency in the industry

Overall program

The presentations will be updated if more presentations can be made available online. All information is available in the HighEFF eRoom - requires login 

Wednesday 8 May - Open

Highlights and strategic perspectives:
Welcome - HighEFF - Petter Røkke, Centre Manager, SINTEF
The Norwegian strategy for the process industry "Prosess21" - Gabriella Tranell, NTNU
The role of the effenciency - global view - Nils Røkke, SINTEF

Process systems enginering - a key to optimising energy efficiency:
Reduction of industrial energy demand through utility systems Robin Smith and Julia Jimenez,University of Manchester
Nonsmooth Modelling and Optimization of LNG Processes - Paul Barton, MIT

Industrial energy efficiency project:
Advantage of "Natural Five" - Components & Applications - Kazuhiro Hattori, Mayekawa
The energy efficiency program at Glencore Nikkelverk - Kai Johansen, Glencore Nikkelverk
Integration of energy storage devices in an industrial process plant - Arne Fredrik Lånke, Rema/Norsk Kylling

Selected highlights from HighEFF research:
Thermal storage for improved utilization of renewable energy in steam production - Hanne Kauko, SINTEF and Gerwin Drexler-Schmid, AIT
Organizing shared resources and alternative business models - Catharina Lindheim, NTNUDynamic modelling of compressor ring plate valve behaviour with CFD and FEM - Åsmund Ervik and Afaf Saai, SI

Thursday 9 May - Internal day

PhD and Postdoc research highlights:
Academia in HighEFF - Truls Gundersen, NTNU
Split range control  - Adriana Reyes-Lúa, Cristina Zotică
ORCs for LNG cold energy recovery - Yu Haoshui
CFD modeling of ice formation - Håkon Selvnes
Design of an Experimental Expander Setup Using Natural Working Fluids - Roberto Agromayor

HighEFF research:
SFI Metal Production – Interaction with the industry partners and FME HighEFF - Aud Wærnes, SINTEF Industri
Overcoming dry distillation column errors by using nonsmooth models - Suzane Cavalcanti, MIT
Using surplus heat to pre-heat carbon anodes for aluminium electrolysis - Martin Grimstad, NTNU
Why natural working fluids are a smart choice - Armin Hafner, NTNU
Why and when expansion work recovery makes sense - Stefan Elbel, University of Illinois
A Data-driven approach for robust operation of energy storage systems - Johannes Jäschke, NTNU

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