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NCCS - Norwegian CCS Research Centre - Kick-off

NCCS officially kicks-off on 4. November 2016. Tord Lien (Minister of Petroleum and Energy) will be opening the Centre, along with many other distinguished speakers from the Research Council of Norway, industry, research, and academia.


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The Kick-off will follow the NCCS workshop for project partners that takes place 3. November

Workshop topics :

  1. What does it mean to be a dynamic Centre?
  2. What are the important Performance Metrics of a CCS Centre of Excellence?
  3. Phase-gating for NCCS – why, who develops process, how, and when?
  4. How can the Annual Working Plans be designed together with the Industry?
  5. How to work with innovation given the framework of the Centre and the contract?

Norwegian CCS Kick-off 4. november

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Kongsgaardsgata 1b, Trondheim