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Cyber Security Research Group

We offer solid expertise in cyber security. We perform contracted research within various application domains, such as software development, aviation, the maritime sector, telecom, power and water supply, and health and welfare.

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We are up-to-date on trends and threats, and apply research in key areas such as risk management, prevention and management of IT security incidents, software security, privacy and security of the Internet of Things.

Our research team contributes to a society where we can rely on digital services, feel secure when we communicate with each other using digital communication platforms, and where we can live in a digitalized society without violating our privacy principles.

Among our main research areas are:

  • Security risk management
  • Security architectures and communication systems
  • Software security
  • Security monitoring and security measurement
  • Threat intelligence and threat modelling
  • Security awareness and training
  • Compliance with security and privacy standards and regulations

Risk assessment of the company’s IT systems

Systematic review of cybersecurity in IT systems during design, implementation, or in use. We identify areas for improvement and suggest mitigations.

Security Management

We provide advice and support to businesses on how to establish and develop an information security management system based on ISO/ IEC 27001.

Applied research

Our research is developed in cooperation with companies in various application domains. We do research to solve the challenges your organization faces. We know external sources of funding and can participate in grant application writing to secure funding for your research project. We offer:

  • Special expertise in interaction between technology, people, organization and security
  • Technological expertise in software quality and secure software development processes
  • Well-functioning methods that can be adapted to individual needs
  • SINTEF is independent of suppliers and authorities

Talks on current topics

We regularly deliver talks (keynotes, guest lectures, invited presentations, etc.) nationally and internationally, on the topics that we specialize in.

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