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Norwegian Center for Cybersecurity in Critical Sectors (NORCICS) - SFI

NORCICS’ vision is to contribute to making Norway the most securely digitalized country in the world, by improving the cybersecurity and resilience of its critical sectors, through supporting research-based innovation.

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NORCICS will follow a holistic, comprehensive and systemic approach addressing people, processes and technology to protect critical sectors throughout the cybersecurity core functions (identify, protect, detect, respond, recover). In NORCICS, research on cybersecurity technologies will result in methods and tools, re-usable across different infrastructures, which will cover a wide variety of concepts. These will be validated in a number of demonstrators of different critical sectors.

The consortium members have complementary expertise that collectively covers most of the areas of fundamental research, the sectorial domains and the technological applications of cybersecurity. The user partners come from both the public and the private sector and cover all the critical sectors addressed in NORCICS. Additionally, a number of internationally highly reputed centers active in the field of cybersecurity have confirmed their participation in NORCICS.

NORCICS aspires to become an attractive and competent research environment in cybersecurity for the critical sectors, and to educate more than 18 PhD students and more than 7 postdoctoral researchers, competent in the cybersecurity needs of the society.

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Project duration

2020 - 2028

NORCICS is led by Norges teknisk naturvitenskapelige universitet (NTNU).



The Research Council of Norway

Cooperation Partners

Norsk Regnesentral, Universitetet i Agder, Hafslund Nett, Norsk Hydro, Kongsberg gruppen, Mnemonic, Yara International, Sykehuset Innlandet, Equinor, Memoscale, Lyse Elnett, Helgeland Kraft, Siemens, Oslo Politidistrikt, NP-Spectrum, Norsk senter for informasjonssikring (NorSIS) og SINTEF .

Project Type

The Centres for Research-based Innovation scheme (SFI) project