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Advanced Remote Rendering of Huge 3D Models

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IFC rendering

The project ArrowHead (full name Advanced Remote Rendering of Huge 3D Models) is a BIP (Brukerstyrt Innovasjonsprosjekt) in which Heterogeneous Computing research group at SINTEF is collaborating with the Norwegian companies CovertVector and Rendra. The goal is to develop new and efficient solutions for visualizing and accessing BIM (Building Information Model) data directly on the construction site.

In the building industry the use of 3D models is currently limited to the design phase, with 2D paper drawings being used on the construction site itself. The idea of this project is to develop new technical solutions allowing users at the site to view up to date 3D models directly on their smartphones and tablets. 

You can read more about it in NRCs Project bank

Key Factors

Project duration

01/12/2014 - 31/12/2017