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Marine Wet Laboratory

Marine Wet Laboratory

Our facilities are constructed flexibly to enable experiments to be adapted to various project requirements. We offer lab rooms of different sizes in which temperatures can be regulated in the range 5 to 25 degrees. All rooms have access to a range of water qualities and air pressure settings.

Production of micro algaemonas baltica Photo: M. Chauton
Published 20 December 2017


Here we can cultivate a variety of microalgae species. We cultivate microalgae that can be used as feed for zooplankton, as feed fractions, and for bioprospecting.

An experimental room for microalgae

  • Stock cultures of different species
  • Small-scale cultivation in 5-litre containers
  • Large-scale cultivation in 200-litre cylinders

An experimental room for zooplankton

We work with different species of copepods, Artemia, rotifers and gammarids with the aim of developing technologies for stable and predictable zooplankton production.

  • A recirculation system for live feed cultivation
  • Automatic counting of live feed organisms
  • An automatic cultivation system

An experimental room for fish larvae and smolt

We carry out start-feed experiments on marine fish larvae, focusing on new technologies in the fields of microbial water quality and live feed quality.

  • Start-feed under different water quality conditions
  • Small-scale start-feeding