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SINTEF ACE is a full-scale laboratory facility designed to develop and test new aquaculture technologies. Facility users are researchers and others conducting practical experiments and tests both under optimally controlled and realistic conditions.

Norwegian fjords and salmon cages
Korsneset site in More and Romsdal


The research activity on aquaculture technology takes place on different salmon and seaweed sites, mainly in Mid-Norway. We strive to carry out the experiments at one of SINTEF Ocean's aquaculture licenses (STR-0023, STH-0902 and STF-0903). Main sites are located on Hitra/Frøya where we also have boat and other equipment.

The full-scale laboratory, SINTEF ACE, is open for research and equipment testing to all parties. Research and experiment focus is mainly on technology for operation activities as well as constructions and environment surveillance. This is based on a multidisciplinary competence within biology-technology-interaction. Here work e.g. biologists with fouling experiments alongside cyberneticists with autonomous vehicles.

SINTEF ACE – Underwater Robotics

SINTEF ACE Underwater Robotics.
SINTEF ACE Underwater Robotics.



Published 21 February 2017
Senior Research Scientist


Visiting address Trondheim:

Brattørkaia 17 C, 7010 Trondheim

Postal address:

Postboks 4762 Sluppen, 7465 TRONDHEIM, Norway

Please contact one of the following when visiting Frøya:

Terje Bremvåg
Kevin Frank