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High throughput screening facility, Trondheim

The robotic screening facility at SINTEF are optimized for high throughput analytical and cultivation work and enables us to process of thousands of samples or cultures per day.

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Our three liquid handling workstations (Tecan Genesis 200 RSP, Tecan Evo and Beckman Coulter Core System) are equipped for washing, filling, shaking, filtration, solid phase extraction, incubation, cultivation (including fed-batch), ELISA, and optical readout (absorbance, luminescence or fluorescence) of microtiter plates. Robotic arms move consumables and microtiter plates within the workstations and storage units (total capacity approx. 180 microtiter plates) and shaking incubators (total capacity 12 microtiter plates, 42 in static mode). The robotic workstations are equipped with pipetting tools for fast and accurate pipetting in microtiter plates (volume range 1 – 1000 μl), as well as for pipetting in tubes, trays and troughs, and can use disposable or fixed pipet tips.

For more information, see the fact sheet about our Analytical screening facilities

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 Geir Klinkenberg, Mobil: 924 81 402, Epost:

High throughput screening Laboraty,
Høgskoleringen 5, room D4-106, 7034 Trondheim.