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Full-scale surface water system Høvringen

The experimental field at Høvringen outside Trondheim has a meteorological measuring station that measures temperature, wind, and precipitation and an advanced system for measuring the amount of water flowing into the drains.

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The experimental field is a roof area with three test fields of 90 sqm each. The outer edges of the roof are insulated to provide complete control over how much water ends up on the roof and how much goes out. As a result, the station can measure the entire range from dripping to extreme precipitation.

  • Three test plots, each of 90 sqm
  • Measurement station for water volume/time from each of the fields
  • Full-fledged climate station (
  • Movable anemometers
  • Soil moisture
  • Images from the fields + horizon every hour
  • Data is collected in a historical database

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The laboratory is situated at Bynesveien 68 in Trondheim