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Aksel Andreas Transeth

Acting Research Manager

Dr. Aksel Transeth is a senior scientist at SINTEF and has a PhD in robotics and control from the Dept. of Eng. Cybernetics at NTNU, Norway. At SINTEF, Dr. Transeth works with research projects and business development within robotics and autonomy, including inspection and maintenance (I&M), manufacturing, search and rescue, transportation, oil and gas, space and energy. Dr. Transeth coordinates EU topic groups on I&M in Adra (AI, data and robotics) and euRobotics, and RINVE in Norway.


PhD in robotics and control systems from NTNU, Norway.

Competence and research areas

Robotics, autonomous systems, inspection and maintenance, digital innovation hubs, business development, project management, cybernetics, estimation, inspection and maintenance.



Research areas


Contact info

Visiting address:
Klæbuveien 153