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Automated task planning for autonomous multi-robot teams (ATAM)

In the ATAM project we will build collaboration between the partners and develop and demonstrate AI-based methods for automated planning and acting – AI planning – in autonomous multi-robot operations needed for the defence sector and for surveillance and first responders.

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Through the ATAM partner collaboration with, e.g., workshops, we will build on previous results on AI planning from SINTEF, integrate with knowhow from the partners, advance the methods towards the ATAM use cases (e.g., search and rescue and perimeter surveillance), transfer results to the defence sector, and pave the way for future partnerships beyond the scope of this project.

We will focus on use cases identified as important for the defence sector and industry partner where teams of robots can potentially increase efficiency and quality in operations. Although there has been much progress in realizing automated functions for robots (e.g., collision avoidance, object detection, etc.), the complexity of automatically coordinating such functions quickly explode even in simple multi-robot missions. AI planning from ATAM could reduce complexity and orchestrate robots and their automated functions to enable autonomous multi-robot operations.

To ensure uptake of ATAM results, we will disseminate results to the defence sector, as well as the scientific community. In addition to the use cases where ATAM results will be demonstrated, the results can be applied to other areas within and outside the defence sector where autonomous robot fleets can be beneficial. By combining cutting-edge scientific advancements with demonstrators, we aim to impact both research and operational aspects of the defence sector, and build a platform for sustainable partnership.

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2023 - 2024


The Research Council of Norway

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