Optimal utilization of hydropower asset lifetime by monitoring of technical condition and risk

Saminar "Digitalisering i vattenkraften"


Next generation hydropower maintenance
The hydropower business is in competition with an increasing share of renewables in a changing energy market. One of the means to increase hydropower competitiveness is to ensure the production assets' reliability and to make operation and maintenance predictable and cost effective.

New opportunities through digitalisation
New concepts, methods and models - such as industry 4.0, machine learning, cyber-physical systems, internet of things and data mining - gives the hydropower business new opportunities. This will help with the transition from scheduled maintenance towards predictive and condition based maintenance. Some benefits are reduced number of manual inspections, continuous monitoring of technical condition and early warning of potential failures. Ultimately, this will reduce maintenance costs.

The MonitorX project
MonitorX is a joint industry project organized by Energy Norway carried out in cooperation with Norwegian and Swedish R&D and industry partners and supported by the Research Council of Norway. MonitorX will help the hydropower industry to cope with some of the challenges related to digitalisation of maintenance.

MonitorX will review the state-of-the-art of condition monitoring in hydropower plants and will identify and test new possibilities through advanced use of monitoring data with new concepts, methods and models associated with digital transformation.

The project will develop models, algorithms and corresponding software prototypes for optimal lifetime utilization of hydropower components based on monitoring of technical condition and risk. MonitorX will focus on models for condition monitoring and fault diagnosis based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. The models will be applied to different user cases and will be tested together with the industry partners for selected power plants.