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FME HighEFF – Annual report 2023

Making Norwegian industry the world's greenest

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About HighEFF

Energy preservation and security is a global challenge. There is a global energy shortage, and the way we use and produce energy today is causing greenhouse gas emissions contributing to climate changes.

HighEFF will build an internationally leading Centre for strategic research within industrial energy efficiency. Supporting the EU energy targets, HighEFF will enable a 20-30 % reduction in specific energy use and 10 % in emissions.

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Our contribution to a more sustainable world

By increasing energy efficiency, value creation and competitiveness, while decreasing greenhouse gas emissions in a broad span of industrial processes across sectors, HighEFF contributes towards all 17 UN sustainable development goals (SDGs). But we have chosen to focus on four SDGs we consider as the most relevant and where we hope to achieve significant impact through our research.
Read more about the sustainable development goals on our website.

2023 by numbers

People: 54 Master's students; 135 Key researchers; 6 Postdoctoral researchers with financial support from the Centre budget; 21 PhD students with financial support from the Centre budget; 10 Associated PhD students (financed from other sources).Communication and dissemination: 7 Media contributions; 12 Peer reviewed journal publications; 10 Blogs and information material; 26 Presentations; 3 Books/theses and reports
Numbers for 2023

HighEFF publications


HighEFF is organised in 6 Research Areas (RA). Each RA focuses on different aspects of energy efficiency in industry. Together they work towards creating a competitive, energy efficient and environmental friendly industry for the future.

View the 2021 results of each RA here.

A selection of HighEFF's innovations

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Full Annual Report 2023

Download the PDF version of the 2023 annual report here:
HighEFF Annual Report 2023

Past annual reports

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