CREATIV represents a platform for research and development with focus on energy efficiency in industry.

It aims to boost development and deployment of energy efficient technology in industry and will promote innovation and value creation based on research of high scientific quality.

CREATIV fully responds to:

  • The Norwegian Research Council call on energy efficiency within the RENERGI program (2009) and to the Norwegian 'climate agreement' (2008)
  • The IEA report World Energy Outlook (2008) stating that the potential reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from energy efficiency exceeds the combined effect of all other actions, including CCS, renewable, nuclear and bio-fuels.

The overall objective of CREATIV was to build new knowledge and develop innovative technology for utilising surplus heat and efficient heating and cooling in industry by facilitating an extensive collaborative R&D effort.

The results from CREATIV can pave the ground for 25% reduction in both primary energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Norwegian industry by 2020.

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