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CREATIV - Energy effeiciency in the industry

Education program

To bring forward new knowledge on energy efficient system for end-use with low emissions and to educate candidates with expertise on industry energy efficiency.

Creativ School
The school handles the education of 4 PhD and 2 Post doctoral candidates. The PhD and Post Doc topics are closely related to the research activities with the project.

Titles of the PhDs:

  • Development of turbo-compressor concept for oil-free CO2 refrigeration
  • Dynamic Simulation of a combined Supermarket Refrigeration and HVAC plant
  • An ice slurry production process without scraping elements
  • Software based evalutation of energy consumption in supermarkets

and Post Docs:

  • Energy efficiency for heat pump and hybrid drying processes
  • Reversable R744 Air Conditioning system for buildings in Asian and European climates

The following activities are also a part of the School:

  • Summer student projects
  • Industrial courses for industrial partners
  • Information and recruitment schemes for high-school students
  • Exchange of candidates between national R&D institutions
  • Organizing relevant project work and master thesis at the partners

Projects and Master thesis 2009-2012:

  • 2009: Projects: 9 Master thesis: 2
  • 2010: Projects: 7 Master thesis: 8
  • 2011: Projects: 9 Master thesis: 8
  • 2012: Projects: 11 Master thesis: 13