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CREATIV - Energy effeiciency in the industry

Project structure

Project structure

Technology innovation and exploitation of results - SP1
To safeguard the scientific and technological innovation of CREATIV and to ensure the relevance and performance of the research through life cycle assessments.

Electricity production from surplus heat - SP2
Provide profitable and sustainable solutions for power production from Low Temperature surplus heat.

Utilisation of thermal energy - SP3
Efficient utilisation of low temperature heat for industrial purposes

Efficient heating and cooling - SP4
Develop more energy efficient end-user technology for heating and cooling

Education program - SP5
To bring forward new knowledge on energy efficient system for end-use with low emissions and to educate candidates with expertise on industry energy efficiency. Read more

Case and Innovation processes
In addition to the generic research in CREATIV, it is of great importance to verify the generic models through industrial processes. This work on applied science is handled through research cases directly linked with the CREATIV industrial partners. Read more