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For more than 15 years we have developed a hydrodynamic workbench called ShipX. ShipX incorporates a multitude of hydrodynamic tools enabling the user to perform many different types of calculations based on the same vessel input.

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The basic idea behind ShipX is to make a platform that integrates all kinds of hydrodynamic analysis into an integrated design tool. By removing the need for file format conversions and re-entering of input for each new program, systematic design studies using highly advanced hydrodynamic analysis tools is fully possible.

Basic functions

In addition to the basic functions built into ShipX, like hull geometry manipulation and database operations, advanced functions are added as "Plug-Ins". The basic functions built into ShipX makes it fast and easy to create new "Plug-Ins". Currently, plug-ins for seakeeping calculations (VERES program package), animation of ship motions, simulation of manoeuvring and station keeping capabilities as well as calm water performance prediction and calculation of speed loss in waves are all available as "Plug-Ins". In addition, the new report generator at SINTEF for analysis of performance tests is developed as a ShipX Plug-In.


The following Plug-Ins can be licensed for use in ShipX:

  • Ship Speed and Powering: Perform speed prognosis based on empirical and model test data as well as predict speed loss in waves due to added resistance and loss of propulsive efficiency. 
  • Station Keeping : Calculation of ship station keeping capabilities.
  • Manoeuvring: Simulation of manoeuvrability of a ship (SIMAN).
  • Vessel Responses: Calculation of ship motions and global loads.
  • Animation Lab: Visualization of shipmotions in waves.
  • An automatic update function makes it easy to ensure that all users are using the same, latest version of all applications of the workbench.

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