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Plug and abandonment

SINTEF verifIES scientifically the validity of selected concepts and emerging plug and abandonment (P&A) technologies.

All wells will one day need to be permanently plugged and abandoned. Tight plugs are important in order to avoid environmental problems in a long-term perspective. With today's technology, plugging operations are difficult, expensive and time demanding. SINTEF's research is thus focusing on lowering the costs related to permanent well plugging without jeopardizing the environment. Our work includes e.g. laboratory testing and improvement of plugging materials, testing and development of methods for removing pipes and cement from wells, leak detection and cost optimization of larger well plugging campaigns.





Improved methods for reservoir simulation

Improved methods for reservoir simulation


Reservoir simulation, an essential tool in the oil and gas industry for predicting reservoir behavior, often incurs significant computational expenses. This arises from the intricate nature of subsurface flow dynamics and the need for high-fidelity...