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Multiphase Flow Laboratory

SINTEF Multiphase Flow Laboratory is one of the world’s largest multiphase test facilities and a research Infrastructure of national importance.

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We provide world leading expertise within multiphase technology and a wide range of excellent experimental facilities for R&D applications as well as testing and verification of equipment and technologies required for the energy transition. The laboratory is associated to the Process Technology Department. The laboratory has also generic infrastructure to be used for new pilots  

R&D areas and expertise 

Low emission oil and gas production: 

  • Flow assurance and multiphase transport – the successful transport of produced fluids from the reservoir to the final processing facility   
  • Technology validation and development​:  
    • Experimental tests for downhole, subsea and topside equipment and tools.​  
    • Development of the multiphase flow simulator LedaFlow
  • Development of production strategies methodologies to reduce the energy requirements, CO2 emissions, while addressing load and energy flexibility  
  • The laboratory has one of the largest, high-quality multiphase flow databases at industrial scale in the world. 


  • Development of flow models for CO2 transport and injection 
  • Testing of subsea membranes for gas separation 
  • Hydrate-based gas separation technologies 

Energy storage and transport 

  • Phase change materials 
  • Development of concepts for energy storage and transport 


  • Experiments and modelling strategies for optimal gas-liquid distribution in manifold systems for large-scale electrochemical production of H2 
  • Flow and thermodynamic challenges related to H2 injection in natural gas grids 
  • Hydrate-based gas separation and storage technologies 


Why to choose us?​ 
We have more than 30 year experience in professional testing and experimental work​

We have an infrastructure able to:​ 

  • Handle equipment in a broad range of sizes up to full industrial scale​ 
  • Handle Ex requirements​ 
  • We have a near-perfect HSE (HMS) record 

IMF National Research Infrastructure

IMF National Research Infrastructure

The world's leading industrial multiphase laboratories have been upgraded to support the development of better simulation models and new technology. Nationally, the nodes of multiphase laboratories are at SINTEF at Tiller near Trondheim and at IFE at...

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Multiphase Flow Laboratory (Tiller)

Postal address:
P.O. Box 4760 Torgarden, NO-7465 Trondheim
Visiting address:
Tillerbruvegen 200, 7092 Trondheim
Phone: +47 93 07 22 00