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Research group Industrial and Marine Biotechnology

The IMB group holds leading competence and works within the design and optimization of biotechnological processes, including an understanding of their feedstocks and products.

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Our work supports the shift to blue-green sustainable industries, and is used for the production and application of biopharmaceuticals, enzymes, ingredients, biopolymers and materials for human medicine, aquaculture, food and feed, and other sectors.

Research areas

  • Microbial processes, strain and process development and modelling
  • Novel biopharmaceuticals
  • Enzyme production and characterization
  • Microbiology
  • Biomass processing, separation and new applications
  • Biopolymers and biomaterials
  • Fish health
  • New food and feed ingredients
Collage of biotechnological images
Photos: SINTEF Industry, Michael Müller and Arkivfoto/Pharmaq

Research approach

We have a large industry network and use our core competence, academic collaborations and state-of-the-art infrastructure to work across entire biobased value chains for solving key industrial, environmental and societal challenges.

Infrastructure platforms and competence

  • Fermentation platform with micro- to pilot-scale equipment and automated systems.
  • Bioinformatics and modelling.
  • Molecular biology and genomic analyses.
  • Processing lab for biorefinery of macroalgae and other biomasses.
  • Bioprinting platform for material fabrication, 3D cell models and tissue engineering.

Employees in the research group for Industrial and Marine Biotechnology

Photos: Smidesang & Lyng/SINTEF, Thor Nielsen/SINTEF