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Employees in Polymer Particles and Surface Chemistry

Count: 19

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Name Title Phone Email
Andrewes, Laila Myren Andrewes, Laila Myren Department Coordinator
Brunes, Tonje Brunes, Tonje Engineer
Dinesh, Ganesh Shimoga Dinesh, Ganesh Shimoga Research Scientist
Falkfjell, Stine Falkfjell, Stine Senior Technician
Gellein, Maria Bratsberg Gellein, Maria Bratsberg Technician
Glomm, Wilhelm R Glomm, Wilhelm R Senior Research Scientist
Gutierrez, Maria Teresa Guzman Gutierrez, Maria Teresa Guzman Research Scientist
Hak, Sjoerd Hak, Sjoerd Research Scientist
Hansen, Ann-Kristin Hansen, Ann-Kristin Engineer
Hatletveit, Anne Rein Hatletveit, Anne Rein Senior Engineer
Johnsen, Heidi Johnsen, Heidi Research Manager
Molesworth, Peter Molesworth, Peter Senior Research Scientist
Parnas, Lars Erik Mollan Parnas, Lars Erik Mollan Technician
Sandru, Eugenia Sandru, Eugenia Research Scientist
Sandru, Marius Sandru, Marius Senior Research Scientist
Strand, Sabina Prochazkova Strand, Sabina Prochazkova Senior Research Scientist
Truong, Le Thuy Truong, Le Thuy Research Scientist
Wågbø, Ane Marit Wågbø, Ane Marit Master of Science
Åslund, Andreas Åslund, Andreas Research Scientist